• This is a 12-month Work Based Learning program.
  • You will receive a monthly stipend from this learnership.
  • Acceptance in this learnership does not guarantee permanent employment from Sonke or any of the stakeholders.
  • Your participation in the new Venture Creation Work Based Learning program is made possible by a Lead Employer (a Corporate Client), BDCE (the Training Provider) and Sonke (The Implementer).
  • After you have been pre-approved for this Work Based Learning Program, your details will be kept in a waiting room until a suitable sponsor has been found for you, and all other requirements are met. This can take up to more than three months. Please be patient.
  • Your learnership will only start after all the relevant agreements and documents are submitted, and all the requirements of the relevant SETAs and other governing bodies have been met.
  • Sonke reserves the right to terminate your application at any time.
  • You are hereby giving permission for Sonke to allocate you as an Employee with a Fixed Term Contract of Employment to a Lead Employer who will be your sponsor for the Learnership.
  • This means that you will be added to the payroll of the Lead Employer for the 12-months duration of the learnership with the usual SARS implications involved.
  • None of the partners in this learnership takes responsibility for any loss of income. Be it a bursary, grant or other forms of income that a learner might incur directly or indirectly to their relationship with this learnership.
  • The identity of your employer and the details of your contracts and agreements will be sent to you via email.
  • You will receive a physical income from the Lead Employer in the form of a monthly stipend. This stipend will be paid to you in the agreed upon way.
  • By signing this application, you are committing yourself to starting and completing the 12-months course. 
  • This is an NQF Level 2 accredited course. If you complete the course and are deemed competent, you will receive a certificate.
  • Our Learner Support Centers are dedicated to help you on your Work Based Learning journey.  
  • You are also committing yourself to trade actively on the Sonke Trade App. This App will be your dedicated place of work for the purposes of this learnership.
  • Your stipend will be split into two wallets that will be part of the app.
  • A part of your stipend will be paid into your Savings Wallet. This money can be cashed out or transferred into your trading wallet.
  • Another part of your stipend will be paid into your Trading Wallet as Trading Capital
  • You will only be able to use this Trading Capital in transactions on products and retailers in the Sonke Trade App.
  • Any attempt to transfer, EFT or remove money from the trading wallet will result in a penalty of up to R200.00 per transaction, as well as possible removal from the learnership and subsequent loss of the stipend.
  • Your sponsorship will be cancelled if you: do not reach the study targets, do not meet your trade targets on the Sonke Trade App, or find other employment before completing this learnership.
  • If your employment status changes while you are on this learnership, please inform us.
  • None of the partners in this agreement will be under any obligation to provide you with employment after the completion of the learnership.
  • As the learner you will comply with all the rules and regulations of the Training Provider as may be laid out from time to time with the intent and purpose of achieving the highest possible academic standard and the best creative results from the program.
  • The learner hereto accepts that the Training Provider shall have the right to change the course syllabus, program, schedule, or mode of presentation at any time, without prior notification and without giving reasons. The Training Provider shall further have the right to alter timetables and course commencement dates where necessary.
  • The learner hereby agrees to exempt and hold the Training Provider, its officers, employees and agents as well as the Employer, its officers, employees and agents free from any and all costs, losses, expenses, damages (direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise), claims, suits, causes of action or any other liability or responsibility whatsoever, including attorney’s fees and related costs, resulting from any injury to any person(s) or damage to property arising out of, or which may be connected to affairs or activities of any of the parties involved in this learnership as provided herein.
  • The learner accepts that any creation, including assignments, designs, or any other products coming from learner activities during any course offered by the Training Provider, is property of the Training Provider. To whom all copyrights and ownership therein shall belong and without whose written permission no use may be made for publishing or any other purpose.

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